About Quo Vadimus Interactive

Quo Vadimus Interactive is the web home of web developer Jose Arenado(me). When I'm not under contract to tweak pixels and write code for the ever-growing number browsers, I run this small development studio with the help of several talented developers, designers and illustrators. We focus on standards-based web design and development. Based in Brooklyn, NY the cloud, we offer a wide spectrum of web services including design, development, email campaigns, and general web consulting. What we lack in size, we make up for in expertise, accessibility and reasonable rates.


In case you're interested, the index page is valid HTML5, the shadows/text fonts, etc were done mostly with CSS(no images except for the portfolio) and it was written using vim.

If you're on IE6 you'll get a big snooty warning to go download a modern browser, and if you're on IE7 you'll probably see a couple of little bugs that I, frankly, didn't feel like fixing. Deal with it.